News: Hancock Aviation becomes the FIRST Approved SureFly Installation Specialist in Louisiana

Jul 21, 2022

Hancock Aviation becomes the FIRST Approved SureFly Installation Specialist in Louisiana
Hancock Aviation LLC is pleased to announce that they have recently been accredited as an Approved SureFly Installation Specialist by SureFly. The Baton Rouge-based aircraft sales and service company is the FIRST (and only to date) company to receive the SureFly accreditation in the state of Louisiana. The esteemed approval will let Hancock Aviation further support the cutting-edge electronic ignition system technology in the state and scale installations in the future.
A welcome advancement, the state-of-the-art Electronic Ignition Systems technology has introduced a much-awaited improvement in the aircraft magneto industry. SureFly is one of the pioneers of Electronic Ignition Systems in aircraft and has been acknowledged widely for its industry-leading ignition modules.
SureFly Ignition Modules offer more consistent spark energy than conventional magnetos, with better accuracy. As a result, the advanced SureFly product also assures fuel savings and lower power consumption. Moreover, the SureFly module is at least two pounds lighter than a standard magneto, is made from solid-state electronics, and has no mechanical parts that could wear down.
In order to achieve this accreditation, Hancock Aviation had to perform several SureFly installations and gain experience to qualify for the Approved SureFly Installation Specialist title.
“We are excited to share with you that Hancock Aviation is now the first and only Approved SureFly Installation Specialist in Louisiana. We are thrilled that SureFly has acknowledged our attention to detail and dedicated endeavor to do things safely and efficiently. The SureFly Ignition Modules assure 2,400 hours of operating service time compared to the traditional 500 hours; these are far more efficient, reliable, and safer than conventional counterparts. We are confident that the latest accreditation from SureFly will enable us to better serve our current customers and meet future customers’ needs”, stated Holton Hancock, President of Hancock Aviation.
“We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to SureFly for believing in us and recognizing our efforts. Our mission has always been to scale up our services with time to provide the most state-of-the-art experience for our customers.”
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