Your Premier Aviation Partner

There’s a reason why buying your first aircraft, or your latest one, is a big decision in your life – because it’ll take you to new destinations, allow you to enjoy new experiences, and increase your productivity. Here at Hancock Aviation, we want to play a role in this monumental moment by serving as your dedicated aircraft acquisition partner.

Hancock Aviation is your premier aircraft acquisition partner, serving as your buyer’s agent today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Aircraft Acquisition

We like to consider ourselves aviation navigators – but in the same breath, we know how to navigate the aircraft market too. If you’re interested in purchasing an aircraft, having a tested, trusted, and proven professional by your side every step of the way isn’t just important – it’s critical.

Throughout our time in business, we’ve served hundreds of clients as they follow through on their decision to purchase an aircraft. And with every last client, we’ve gotten to know them personally, ensuring that we’re doing everything we can to meet their needs.

An Experienced Team

When you meet with your buyer’s agent, you’ll tell them what you’re looking for in your aircraft. From there, they’ll help you identify some critical features that make the perfect aircraft, perfect. In addition, they’ll scour the market using their expertise, their network, and their passion to present you with prime aircraft acquisition opportunities that meet your needs – and fall in line with your budget.

Leverage Our Connections

At Hancock Aviation, we’ve built a network of aircraft dealers who come from all around the world. Not only does this provide us with a wide range of inventory for our clients to choose from, but it also allows us to secure unique and competitive pricing opportunities that satisfy any budget.

Take To The Air With Confidence

One of the most important steps in buying an aircraft revolves around inspecting the aircraft and giving it a comprehensive test flight evaluation. At Hancock, our aviation experts will personally flight check your aircraft before you agree to purchase it.

A Partner At The Negotiating Table

As your buyer’s agent, our job is to negotiate on your behalf – and that’s precisely what we do. When we get to know our clients, we get to know their needs, their preferences, their must-haves, and of course, their budgets. We negotiate with your best interest at the very front of our proposal so that you can rest assured knowing that you’ve got a seat at the table.

Closing Made Simple

When it’s time to sit down, sign the papers, and receive the keys to your new aircraft, Hancock Aviation will be right by your side. We proudly walk our clients through the closing process every step of the way to transform the complex experience into something quick, simple, and painless.

Acquisition Components

  • Consultations
  • Market Evaluations
  • Portfolio Presentations
  • Inspections & Flight Tests
  • Negotiations
  • Escrow and Title Searches
  • Closing
  • And More
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