A Dedicated Aircraft Acquisition Partner

Buying an aircraft is a significant decision, one that opens doors to new destinations, experiences, and opportunities. At Hancock Aviation, we are honored to be a part of this milestone in your life and are dedicated to serving as your trusted aircraft acquisition partner.

As your premier aviation partner, we stand by you as your buyer's agent, now and in the future. Trust us to provide expert guidance and support, ensuring a successful and memorable aircraft acquisition experience.

Expert Aircraft Acquisition Services

At Hancock Aviation, we view ourselves as aviation navigators with a deep understanding of the aircraft market. Whether you're seeking to purchase an aircraft, having a seasoned professional by your side is crucial for a successful transaction.

With years of experience serving hundreds of clients, we offer personalized and expert aircraft acquisition services. Our goal is to get to know our clients on a personal level, ensuring that we fully understand and meet their specific needs and requirements throughout the process. Choose Hancock Aviation for a smooth and successful aircraft acquisition experience.

Expert Guidance

At Hancock Aviation, our experienced team of buyer's agents works closely with you to understand your unique aircraft needs. With a focus on critical features, they use their expertise, extensive network, and passion for aviation to source prime acquisition opportunities that match your requirements and fit within your budget. Trust us to provide expert guidance and ensure a successful aircraft purchase.

Maximizing Your Options

At Hancock Aviation, we leverage our extensive network of aircraft dealers to bring you a diverse range of inventory options. Our global connections not only provide you with a wealth of choices but also allow us to secure exceptional pricing and deals, ensuring that we can meet any budget. Take advantage of our connections and experience the benefits of a truly comprehensive and personalized aircraft buying experience.

Take To The Air With Confidence

At Hancock Aviation, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction when it comes to purchasing an aircraft. Our aviation experts conduct a comprehensive flight evaluation and inspection of the aircraft before you make a purchase, giving you the confidence to take to the air with ease. Trust us to ensure a smooth and secure journey for all your aerial adventures.

A Dedicated Negotiator

At Hancock Aviation, we serve as your trusted buyer's agent, always putting your best interests first. We understand our client's specific needs, preferences, must-haves, and budgets by getting to know them. Our expertise in negotiations ensures that you have a strong advocate at the negotiating table, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your interests are being fully represented.

Simplifying the Closing Process

At Hancock Aviation, we simplify the closing process for our clients by providing a seamless and stress-free experience. From sitting down to sign the papers to receiving the keys to your new aircraft, we are by your side every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process. Transform your closing experience from complex to quick and easy with Hancock Aviation.

Comprehensive Acquisition Services

At Hancock Aviation, we offer a range of comprehensive services to ensure a seamless aircraft acquisition experience. Our services include:
  • Consultations
  • Market Evaluations
  • Portfolio Presentations
  • Inspections & Flight Tests
  • Negotiations
  • Escrow and Title Searches
  • Closing
  • And more
Trust us to be your partner every step of the way, providing expert guidance and support throughout the entire process.
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